Freak is Thack?

Chances are if you’re on this early in the day you’ve had the (mis)fortune of meeting me in some way. Whether as I am rudely ejected from your body or someone you intended to pass right by but had your space invaded by this guy.

Whatever your role in my life I thank you for being there (especially the one who ejected me).

Heck’s this about?

Right now the details are hazy but I’m expecting that at some point you’ll be finding out stuff you didn’t already know, which is usually a good thing.

I’ll be carting goodies into your face. Consider it my duty and recompense for that earlier space invasion. Told you it would work out nice in the end.

Warning you now, though: I’ll probably eject my own carnage at some point during our multimedia adventures. As you know all too well I fancy myself as a professional voiceover artist so chances are I’ll be doing some kind of audio outburst to get your ears in a tizzy.

Everything for nowt

I’m not planning to charge for any of this because who’s gonna pay? I’m not The Washington Post and I’m not a male escort. So everything that comes out of my fingers and in to this corner of the web is entirely complimentary.

Sign up and I’ll take care of marauding your inbox. So simple.

Welcome. And may the lord bless your soul.

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