Welcome to Mondaze

Welcome to Mondaze


We’re having a bit of a switchabout here on the newsletter.

I’ve been pondering for a while how I can toy with the format and give you what you deserve.

Which is way more than I can give. So we’re in a rut. But it’s a good rut. I’m climbing out now, all soggy but determined to give you my best. And hope that you’ll be content settling for 90% of what you deserve.

The manifesto for the future of this newsletter is thus:

How to human

I’m gonna let the rest unfurl below. Practicing what I’m preaching.

What’s below is a melange of what I’d proposed to put out this weekend, with a few accoutrements for good measure.

Including Mondaze - the new production bringing motivation to your Monday.

On the show we talked about a dissolving pacemaker, solar panelled cycleway in the middle of a frickin South Korean motorway (and a rubbish version in the Netherlands, where typically everything is gilded and perfect), and why - yup, you got the hint - we should just get on with being ourselves because everyone is winging it.

The Saturday sermon

We've all struggled to find answers to some of life's biggest challenges.

It's not enough that we have the world of information in our hand.

More than often what we need isn't out there. It's in here.

My greatest lesson is teaching.

Talking out what I think I know.

Finding out that I didn't. Which helps me figure out what needs more work to form a more abundant, clear picture of the world.

Staying curious. Reading widely. Meeting people who are your complete opposite.

Bringing your best self is how you thrive and progress. Doesn't even have to be completing the task in hand. You'll be ready for that. We all work at a different cadence and when we do our best work differs. This is why it's so hard for knowledge workers to fit into a 9-5 rhythm.

Find your inner charisma. Whether or not that means you're the naturally silent type, or someone more gregarious. What's important is that you're the most authentic you. The rest is easy.

Going good

I've been doing a lot of charity work lately - plenty of capacity in the schedule. Volunteering is great. Especially in the great outdoors. But you can do it anytime, anywhere. I'm a massive fan of the Media Trust. Go check them out if you're in the creative sector and want to do your bit for a good cause.

So social

Nielsen Norman have just published some super useful social media research. Post 5 to 8 times per week, experiment with interactive features like carousels and that. And be explicit with your contextually-relevant CTAs. Also, not related to NN - use the word 'abysmal' more if you want people to get the message that something is truly lousy.

Easy on the eyes

I've been reading some great books lately. One is a relic - The Timeless Way of Building. I'm using Obsidian as ever to pull together my notes on that. Essentially it's a philosophical approach to creating purposeful and meaningful spaces. Hunt it down. It has loads of amazing lessons in it for everyone, not just architects.

I'm also hearting Worst Idea Ever, a funny chicklit book from Jane Fallon. Definitely on the recommend list. Haven't enjoyed a fiction book this much since The Silent Patient.

Rice, rice, baby

My last suggestion is to get your fried rice game on. I’ve been struggling the longest time to separate the grains. Now I have the secret.

  • Rinse

  • Cook in boiling water for 3 minutes

  • put in strainer. Cover with foil. Pop over boiling water, lid, and steam for 10 minutes.

  • Wait 5 minutes then spread out on plate for fried rice.

The full MO is here. Alex is a fab French cook - do him a solid and get scouring his back catalogue.

You’ll remember him from the jungle

I’m just getting ready to check out the all-new livestream from Iain Lee and Katherine Boyle. They’re the YouTube saviours no one knew they needed.

But somehow we do. And I recommend you at least subscribe to them, if not join the Patreon gang and their games.

You are immense

I also want you to give yourself a huge pat on the back. For being amazing. Whatever you do. It's recognised. Appreciated. So go, you!

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