Jun 15, 2021 • 7M

Different same

Cialdini: Want to stay the same? Things gonna need changing around here...

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Dave Thackeray
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Hiya, folks. Ain’t that purdy? Southport beach, c. 8am on 15 June 2021. Clearly I was unsteady - otherwise the land is inhaling fast and the pier’s being sucked right in.

Sorry for the leave of absence. Whatever the hell that oxymoron means.

I’ve been combing the world for answers. Finding illusions. Shirking responsibilities. You know how it goes, otherwise you wouldn’t be part of this esteemed tribe of changemakers.

Talking change, that quote rocks, right? Robert Cialdini, the godfather of influence, persuasion, and ‘pre-suasion’. You know you’re smart when you get to not only invent words, but add hyphens to them without argument from your peers.

Robert was a guest on The Jordan Harbinger show. Harbinger of what? You’re gonna have to find out.

I’ve been delving deep into the divine to surface things of no consequence to anyone but me. That’s what writers do. We bank, confident that one day we’ll salvage our minds for something relevant and that nugget you buried deep will shine both bright and your way.

I’ve also been draining my glass of inspiration to figure out where my writing next takes me. I love writing like a new groom loves his wife. Only my love for writing will last a lifetime. We know that not only is love an illusion, but it rarely endures.

Say a quick hi. Tell me about you. Writers love stories but hate telling their own. Because in most cases (n=1) the writer is not regularly an explorer in the traditional sense; she lives her life through the anecdotes and adventures of others.

Thank you for being here.